Jr/Sr High School

From the Office of the School Nurse: Scheduled Mandated Health Screenings 2017/18

Please see the grade schedules below, as well as parent letters containing important information regarding the BMI and Postural Health Screenings. 

10th Grade Screening Dates: BMI, Vision & Hearing
  • October 2nd: CDS Rm C115: Teacher: M Blessington (Day 4 Gold)
  • October 3rd: CDS Rm B220: Teacher: M. Cote (Day 5 Maroon)
  • October 4th: CDS Rm A205: Teacher: M. DeMaria (Day 6 Gold)
  • October 5th: CDS Rm A207: Teacher: S. Morin (Day 7 Gold)
  • October 10th: CDS Rm B202: Teacher: B Kodra (Day 1 Maroon)
  • October 12th: CDS Rm B201: Teacher: C. Moran (Day 3 Maroon)
7th Grade Screening Dates: BMI, Hearing, Postural
  • October 16th: CDS Rm E105: Teacher: T. Rucho
  • October 17th: CDS Rm E130: Teacher: E. Bradstreet
  • October 18th: CDS Rm E110: Teacher: N. Just
  • October 19th: CDS Rm E213: Teacher: E. Christensen
  • October 23rd: CDS Rm E104: Teacher: C. Przygoda
  • October 24th: CDS Rm A201: Teacher: T. Hamilton
8th Grade Screening dates: Postural
  • November 1st: Day 3 Maroon: E136 & D200, Cad-Cor
  • November 2nd: Day 4 Gold: Gym, Cot-Duf & E224
  • November 3rd: Day 5 Maroon: E212 & E103, Moo-Nug
  • November 6th: Day 6 Gold: E103, O'Le-Pog & E206
  • November 7th: Day 7 Maroon: E227
9th Grade Screening dates: Postural
  • November 8th: Day 1 Maroon: A113
  • November 13th: Day 2 Gold: A103 & A106
  • November 14th: Day 3 Maroon: A209 & C124
  • November 15th: Day 4 Gold: A208

BMI Screening Letter

Postural Screening Letter