COVID-19 Updates


Updated DESE COVID Protocol Decision Tree 2021/22 SY

Updated Symptomatic Student Notice 10.7.21

Updated Symptomatic Student Notice 21/22 SY

UPDATED COVID Screening Tool 10.7.21

Updated COVID Screening Tool 21/22 SY

At Home COVID Testing Kits

* Please note: The district does not accept results from at-home COVID testing kits, unless the sample is taken under the supervision of a remote access practitioner via video, and the practitioner reports said result via Electronic Health Record output or facsimile with credentials.*

Daily Student Screening & Symptomatic Students (4/1/21)

Parents must monitor their students DAILY for COVID-type symptoms using the Student COVID Screening Tool. This is an extremely important step in keeping COVID-19 out of our schools.

If your student does not pass the screening, a parent needs to reach out to the building nurse to discuss next steps and receive a clearance date for your child to return to school.

Symptomatic students are required to either self-isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms, present a doctor’s note with an alternative diagnosis, OR forward a negative COVID PCR Test to the building nurse PRIOR to returning to school.

Close Contact Quarantine Protocol Update (4/1/21)

To this point, we have maintained a strict 10-day quarantine for all close contacts. Moving forward, however, we have decided to reduce this requirement to 7 days based on 1.) our data showing no transmission among close contacts within the classroom, 2.) current guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and 3.) the need to minimize unnecessary absences. Several of our neighbors have maintained DPH’s 7-day quarantine protocol for some time with no adverse effects.

Effective April 5, 2021, we will implement the 7-day close contact quarantine protocol as recommended by DPH. Please read the strict details of the quarantine below. We plan to maintain current 10-day quarantines through this transition. New COVID-19 exposures occurring on or after April 5th will be offered the 7-day quarantine, granted the criteria below are met.

Please be aware that close contacts who exhibit even one symptom will be required to quarantine for a full 14 days from the last exposure (per District and DPH protocol), with the exposure date being day zero.

The 7-day quarantine is only available for individuals who have been, and remain, symptom-free throughout their quarantine AND test negative for COVID-19 on day 5 or later post-exposure. No one may “test out” of quarantine before the end of their 7th day. In addition, individuals must continue to monitor for symptoms on days 8-14 AND forward documentation of the negative PCR test to the school nurse prior to school return.

Close contacts are still free to opt for the full 10-day quarantine in an abundance of caution. There is no COVID-19 testing needed to select the 10 day quarantine. However, the individual must have been, and remain, symptom-free throughout their quarantine and continue to monitor for symptoms on days 11-14.

As our staff and high school-age students become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, it is important to note the following: individuals are not required to isolate after a close contact exposure if they are 14 days beyond their final vaccination AND have no symptoms. If staff or students are deemed close contacts after an exposure, they must provide proof of vaccination dates to the school nurse, monitor themselves daily, and report any symptoms in order to be in compliance.

Please note that household positive cases could require a longer quarantine than exposure to cases outside of the home. The building nurse will determine household clearance dates after information has been gathered. These dates may result in a longer quarantine.

MA Travel Advisory Update (4/1/21)

As of Monday, March 22, the Massachusetts Travel Order has been replaced with a MA Travel Advisory. This new travel advisory urges all persons entering Massachusetts, including returning residents, to quarantine for 10 days upon their arrival if they have been out of the state for 24 hours or more.

Please note, travelers in the following categories are exempt from the quarantine advisory:

  • Children younger than 10 years old. Testing for children 10 years and younger who are traveling with an adult from their household is not necessary. Children 10 years and younger should follow the quarantine advisory and testing options completed by the household adult they accompanied for travel. If the accompanying adult chooses to quarantine, the child should also quarantine. If the accompanying adult chooses to obtain a test, the child and adult should quarantine until the adult’s negative test result is received.

  • Anyone returning to Massachusetts after being out of state for fewer than 24 hours.

  • Travelers who have received a negative COVID-19 result on a test administered not more than 72 hours prior to their arrival in Massachusetts. Travelers may also test out of the quarantine advisory after arrival in Massachusetts, as long as they quarantine until receiving a negative test result.

  • Workers who enter Massachusetts to perform critical infrastructure functions (as specified by the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) during required commuting to or from work and while at work.

  • Travelers who are fully vaccinated (i.e. who have received two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines OR who have received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 14 or more days ago) and who do not have symptoms.

Information for COVID-Recovered Athletes/ Parents:

MPS COVID-19 Updated Protocols 4.1.21
MPS District COVID Dashboard
Copy of Student COVID Screening Tool
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COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

Get the latest public health information from CDC:

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See helpful Covid-19 Checklists from the CDC below:

Nurse Dismissal Procedure Change:


Please stay in your car and call the School's CLINIC LINE (On this Home Page).

The nurse or designee will escort the student to your car and have you sign the student out.

Student Talking Points

Reopening Information...

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Mask Guidance:

  • Please label your child’s masks and be sure to send an extra mask with them, in their backpack, in case their mask becomes soiled throughout the day.

  • No Masks with Exhalation Valves will be allowed in MPS Buildings.

  • See MPS Mask Guidance HERE